walimex pro LED Video Light 80B dimm

Walimex pro Video Light LED80B. Type: Camcorder flash, Product colour: Black, Colour temperature: 5600 K. Battery type: AA, Input voltage: 7.4 V. Weight: 250 g, Dimensions (WxDxH): 95 x 95 x 30 mm


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The Video Fluorescent Light from walimex presents itself as compact and self-confident device, which convinces every hobby filmer and videographers with its 80 powerful LED.

Convert night into day and provide bright moments: The Video Light, which will be operated through 5 AA-batteries, is ideally suitable for all camcorders and video cameras. The 80 steplessly dimmable LED provide a high light output and therewith the necessary brightness for insufficient ambient light. This is particularly convenient for shootings in the dark or inadequate lighted rooms. Thus, you do not need to fear badly illuminated films anymore!

Benefit from the flexible expandability: The Fluorescent Light can not only be used in portrait and landscape format, but it is also flexibly extendable through the sophisticated construction. The device, which will be mounted through the flash shoe, can be connected with other video lights and then e.g. upgraded to a bigger fluorescent light. Furthermore, we offer optionally available mounting brackets, on which you can mount the Video Light in certain positions and in connection with several lamps. Therewith you can realize the plus in brightness. The Video Fluorescent Light is enduced with a 1/4 inch thread and have 580 lux.

EET nenes atbildību par tīmekļa vietnē izvietotajiem Icecat attēliem, aprakstiem un to specifikācijām.
TipsCamcorder flash
Produkta krāsaBlack
Krāsu temperatūra5600 K
Apgaismojuma leņķis (horizontāli)60°
Apgaismojuma leņķis (vertikāli)60°
Enerģijas pārvaldība
Atbalstāmo bateriju skaits5
Baterijas tipsAA
Ieejas spriegums7.4 V
Svars250 g
Dimensijas (WxDxH)95 x 95 x 30 mm
Papildus informācija
Garantija1 Gads
EET nenes atbildību par tīmekļa vietnē izvietotajiem Icecat attēliem, aprakstiem un to specifikācijām.
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