walimex pro Light Shooter 180

incl. Powerblock

Walimex pro Light Shooter 180. Weight: 550 g


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Vairāk informācijas par produktu

Maximum flashing power with minimum size! The Light Shooter flash from walimex pro holds this and even much more in store for you. With its compact size the Light Shooter reminds you of a system flash, but this tiny giant holds as much energy as a studio flash. The ideal tool for work on location.
The flash offers a powerful 180 Ws output with a quick recharging time (0.05 to 2.6 seconds) and a high flashing rate (max. 900). This gives you sufficient power for your next event or wedding shootings, even if it should take some more time. The walimex pro Powerblock, which is also compact, light in weight and thus portable as the Shooter itself, supplies the required electric power. Together these two devices are an unbeatable duo!
The Light Shooter is characterized by its clearly arranged, user friendly control panel, which enables you to make all your desired settings intuitively. The blue illuminated display thereby always gives you a well structured overview of the device's statistics. You receive the walimax pro flash with plug-in flash tube, a reflector with diffuser disc as well as a connecting cable to the Powerblock II. Further accessories, such as e.g. softbox or Beauty Dish, are optionally available to achieve an additional light characteristic. This gives you the flexibility of a studio.
This Powerblock makes sure that your compact flash does not run out of power before your next event has really started. It supports the internal batteries for up to approx. 500 flashes. The clear recharge and battery status display will always keep you informed about the current state of this little giant. The Powerblock can be recharged either with the supplied battery charger or the vehicle charging cable. The integrated belt clip and the carrier strap support your mobility.

EET nenes atbildību par tīmekļa vietnē izvietotajiem Icecat attēliem, aprakstiem un to specifikācijām.
Tehniskās detaļas
Lampas jauda180 W
Krāsu temperatūra5600 K
Produkta krāsaBlack
Svars550 g
Papildus informācija
Garantija1 Gads
EET nenes atbildību par tīmekļa vietnē izvietotajiem Icecat attēliem, aprakstiem un to specifikācijām.
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