Umates M Computer Bag

16"-17" Rubbex Black

Umates Design M computer bag is identical to Umates Design S, but just with at screen size up to 17”. It is manufactured in black Rubbex™, which is a specially manufactured rubber-coated textile, which gives the case its unique and exclusive look.

The carrying case includes a soft and ergonomically correct shoulder strap.

It is possible to use your notebook while it is still inside the bag. The carrier acts as a “desk” while you work.

The design case can also be used as an “ordinary bag” without a computer if only documents need to be carrying along to meetings.

Umates designer cases are patent and design-protected all over the world – and an example of Danish Design at its best.


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Vairāk informācijas par produktu

Perfect for Tablets

Uniquely functional design in RUBBEX™

Model: Umates M


Material: Black RUBBEX™, washable rubberized fabric


  • Main (bigger) compartments: 2
  • Pockets / compartments in total: 8
  • Inner dimensions/notebook compartment: W40 x D30.5 x H6 cm
  • Max notebook display size: 15,7"
  • Extra foam layer at the bottom to protect your notebook
  • The flap doubles as a wrist support
  • Rubberized base to prevent your notebook sliding
  • Detachable pockets for three CDs
  • Room for PC card in elastic pocket and pocket for small change, etc.
  • Extra pocket behind the notebook for a newspaper, documents, pens, your A4 pad or for AC adapters and cables
  • Lid opens and closes when you open and close your notebook.


If you consider your PC carrying case as part of your attire and want it to look god, Umates M is the perfect solution. You can work with the notebook while it is in the carrying case.


The Umates M is manufactured in black Rubbex™ an incredibly hardwearing material with a rubberized surface which gives the case its unique, exclusive look.


This new design case has no "visible seams" at the anchor points for either handle or shoulder strap - thanks to the special design of our new tools.


Umates designer cases come with an innovative strap attachment and a comfortable, padded shoulder strap. The case has two pockets, one outside and one inside for a newspaper or your documents and CDs, and inside elastic pockets for peripherals like your PC Card or CDs.



Maksimālais iespējamais ekrāna izmērs43.2 cm (17")
Somas veidsBriefcase
Produkta krāsaBlack
Platums400 mm
Dziļums305 mm
Augstums50 mm
Svars2.4 kg
Papildus informācija
Dimensijas (WxDxH)400 x 305 x 50 mm
Papildus informācija
Garantija2 Gadi
Kompānijas mājas lapas adrese
EET nenes atbildību par tīmekļa vietnē izvietotajiem Icecat attēliem, aprakstiem un to specifikācijām.
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