Gearlab Gold Privacy Filter 14.0"

310 mm x 175 mm 16:9 Supports Touch Screens

A gold privacy filter provides a high-contrast, high-resolution rendering of your display. In addition, people on either side see a vibrant golden shield.

Protect your screen and your own privacy. Protect your company – both on the move and in the office – by keeping login credentials, essential personal and confidential data and information unexposed to unwanted onlookers. With a Gearlab privacy filter, you get crisp and clear image clarity when you are in front of the screen, while people on either side cannot see anything on your display.
As an additional benefit, a privacy filter protects the sensitive screen glass surface from scratches and damage, and like on a touchscreen, your fingers slide and swipe easily across the surface.

• 2-way landscape privacy filter
• Compatible with touchscreens
• Easy to attach, remove, reattach and clean
• Available for laptops, desk monitors and tablets
• Reduces 51% (±5%) of blue light transmission (blue ray wave 440-460 nm)
• Reversible with glossy gold and glossy black viewing options
• Attachment strips and slide mount taps for easy installation



GF140W9B, GH140W9B, 98044064263
  • 100+ Inventārā

Vairāk informācijas par produktu

67% of employees access sensitive company data in public. With a privacy filter you block side views from curious eyes everywhere.

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