Promag PCR-300, USB, RFID Reader

13.56 MHz, RS232 emulation 65x23x100mm

**RFID reader, 13.56 MHz (ISO14443, Mifare), USB, slot, dimensions (WxHxD): 65x23x100mm

The Promag PCR-300/330 is a stationary reader for RFID tags and cards. Easy integration into your applications makes it a preferred choice for POS, customer retention, discount, debit card systems or even as a waiter lock.

Depending on which version you use, the device is simply connected to the RS232 or USB port of any PC. The reader can detect trans­ponders within reading range automatically or with the press of the button, sending its data to the interface afterwards. In order to process any read transponder data, your software application is required to poll the interface actively.

Once the card is removed again, the PCR-300/330 sends a value to the interface. You can use this function easily to determine if the user is still working the terminal (waiter lock function).

Your own individual software for Promag hardware is also easily­ ­written. The device is controlled with ASCII commands. Further docu­mentation of all commands and functions is included with the ­device.


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