Transcend DrivePro 110 Onboard Camera

incl. 16GB microSDHC MLC

Transcend DrivePro 110. HD type: Full HD, Product colour: Black. Display: LCD, Display diagonal: 6.1 cm (2.4"). Interface type: Micro-USB. Power source type: Battery, Battery technology: Lithium Polymer (LiPo). Width: 70.2 mm, Depth: 32.5 mm, Height: 63.1 mm


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Vairāk informācijas par produktu

DrivePro™ 110
Road safety is important. Transcend's DrivePro 110 dashcam utilizes a Sony image sensor to provide high-resolution images with extremely fine tonal gradation even in low light. In addition, the DrivePro 110 features a built-in battery, a handy snapshot button, emergency recording, headlight reminder, and driver fatigue alert.

Sony high-sensitivity image sensor
The DrivePro 110 uses a Sony sensor to capture high-resolution images with superb, rich color even in low light. Its built-in Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology balances the light and dark areas of captured images, ensuring that every critical shot is as clear as possible.

Built-in battery
A built-in Li-Polymer battery ensures uninterrupted power to the device. Video will continue to be recorded and stored in the event of an accident or when the engine is off.

Handy snapshot function
The snapshot button allows you to take photos while still recording video. During an incident, you can remove the DrivePro 110 from the vehicle to create a photographic record of collision damage.

Emergency recording
In the event of a collision, the DrivePro 110's motion G-sensor detects the impact and triggers emergency recording mode. This prevents overwriting of the file being recorded at the time. This feature can also be manually activated by pressing the red button on the side of the unit.

Parking monitoring mode
In addition to on-the-road safety, the DrivePro 110 stands sentry when the vehicle is parked. Enabling time-lapse video recording means you can get right to the heart of the matter without needing to view hours of incident-free footage.

Headlight reminder
When the DrivePro detects poor lighting conditions, for example at dusk, or in dark places such as a tunnel and basement, the headlight reminder will automatically activate.

Driver fatigue alert
To help prevent tired drivers from getting into an accident, the driver fatigue alert regularly reminds the driver of the need to rest after driving for a preset, driver-determined period of time.

Exclusive DrivePro Toolbox software
In addition to playback, Transcend's DrivePro Toolbox features a sorting function to quickly locate video clips by file name, recording date, or group. The DrivePro Toolbox also provides a screenshot function allowing for the capture of a single frame.

MLC-based microSD card included
The DrivePro 110 comes bundled with a Transcend 16GB High Endurance memory card built of top-tier MLC NAND flash chips, and tested under harsh environmental conditions. It can operate in temperatures from -25° to 85°C, providing consistent long-life durability and endurance.

Two car mounts
Transcend offers two choices of car mount for the DrivePro 110 dashcam: suction or adhesive. Either type may be purchased separately to suit your personal preference.

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Darbības rādītāji
HD veidsFull HD
Kameru skaits1
Produkta krāsaBlack
Iebūvēta displeja
Displeja diagonāle6.1 cm (2.4")
Iebūvēti skaļruņi
Interfeisa tipsMicro-USB
USB versija2.0
Enerģijas pārvaldība
Barošanas avota veidsBattery
Baterijas tehnoloģijaLithium Polymer (LiPo)
Platums70.2 mm
Dziļums32.5 mm
Augstums63.1 mm
Svars71 g
Ārējās vides apstākļi
Darbības temperatūras amplitūda (T-T)-20 - 65 °C
Uzglabāšanas temperatūras amplitūda (T-T)-25 - 70 °C
Papildus informācija
Garantija1 Gads
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